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Try our delicious


with mashed potatoes, cheese and tomato sauce 

with ground beef and tomato sauce 

with mushrooms, ham and bacon 

with French fries and a side salad 

with French fries and a side salad 

with rice 

with mashed potatoes 

with rice, chicken and vegetables 

with rice 

with a Dutch sausage, gravy and bacon

Grouper oven-dish

Pasta Bolognese

Pasta carbonara

Chicken breast with mushroom sauce

Chicken schnitzel with pepper sauce

Beef stew

Pork stroganoff

Teriyaki stir fried

Chili con carne

Bingo veggie lasagna

Raw endive mixed with mashed potatoes

Please keep in mind that our Bingo Specials are

only served from 11AM till 7PM

These specials are not available at the moment.

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